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    All you need …

    A smile from ear to ear,

    internet, computer, an iPhone or Android device/Smartphone and you must be 18+


    We’re here for you

    • On the road, in the hub or after work. At Orange Traders and CannExperts ®, we’re always here for you.
    • Plus, you will become part of our community, enjoying welcoming guests and regular social events at our Hub.
    • To a bright future together – We all are one! We love to chill. We are We.
    • Easily combine relaxing with hobbies, education and Sports. Let’s have fun!
    Our Cafés are authentic cannabis consumption lounges that promote the responsible legal use of medical marijuana (patient card required to enter)  . Maintaining a living room vibe, in an upbeat and urban setting, warm, chill, stigma-free, and safe environment for those who enjoy cannabis and/or quality coffee, gluten-free bakery, healthy “rasta shakes” or sweets and food.
    We are proud to be an inclusive and diverse people-based establishment that is respectful and supportive of all communities. Whether a cannabis veteran or an individual who has never smoked at all, we welcome you to check out our lounge. Cannabis is more than a plant, more than a medication, and more than just the high it offers. Cannabis is an experience, and experiences are always best shared.

    We here for users and want to make life easier for other people by letting them enjoy what they need, when they need it.

    We offer you a new way for you to meet new and old friends.

    *For Companies, Advertise your Brand, Art, Fashion and Services to make money while enjoying and spending more time with others. The flexibility of our service gives you the freedom to define your own packages for the ultimate experiences to share. #werollgermany

    We are One,

    Your Orange Hill Traders and CannExperts Team

    Orange Hill Traders / The People´s Company