Our vision is to expand in new markets while maintaining our leadership position in established markets and to provide an energized and harmonious workplace for our employees.

To that end, Orange Hill Traders is committed to identifying, training and providing the opportunities for our team members within our organization.

Our mission is to provide the highest levels of service and quality products available, in striving to ensure the success of our customers.

To embrace products of the highest quality, standards, and integrity, coupled with a personalized service that is unique and “different”

To drive our profitability through strong supplier relationships by delivering great products with exceptional service.

The vision of the future is to continue to be the best in class, and an industry leader that sets the standards that other companies will be compared.

Our capacity to embrace change as well as to seek ways to satisfy and exceed the demands of our valued clients and customers will be our priority.

The 5 principles that will contribute to our quest towards achieving our vision are as follows:

Best business
Best customers
Best products & services
Best practices
Best people